Couch to 5k

I’m on W6D2. Didn’t have time so I did a quick loop around the house. Will probably start W6 over on Monday so I will be back on schedule.

Date: 10-06-2012

Distance: 1.35 miles, Time: 00:17:59, Net Pace: 13:19 /mile,

Weather: 54 °F, 14mph NNE, 66%, Avg Cadence:66,

Just a quick trip around neighborhood (for me. Lol).
I had to get something in.
Felt good.

Date: 10-03-2012

Distance: 2.08 mi Time: 00:28 Net Pace:13:32

Full day today so I had to get my run in late.
This was W6D1 of c25k.
Felt great.
I definitely could have kept going but I’m trying to be patient and follow the program.

Couch to 5k W5D3

2.68miles 00:37 13:58/pace 432/cal


I finally did it. 30 mins without stopping. Hard to believe 6 weeks ago I became dizzy climbing one flight of stairs. ,

82 °F, 16mph NW, 27% humidity

Not enough time …..

00:23:49    1.65 miles         average  pace 14:26 /mil     net pace 13:39 /mile  


Raining. Didn’t feel like doing it today. Couldn’t do it yesterday due to work and football game. Today we are working at the band marching contest all day so it was now or never. Only ran for 1.65 miles but I guess its  better than staying in bed. Lol. ,

70 °F,   HI: 71 °F,    4mph E,    93%

Couch to 5k W5D2

Rose Park 09/24/12 06:27 PM 2.7 mi 00:38 14:09 pace

c25k W5D2

5 warmup 8 run 5 walk 8 run 5 cooldown.

Felt great!

My sons ran with me. I couldn’t keep up with them but it definitely made me pick up my pace. My first 8:00 min run was at a 11:22 pace! I slowed down to 13:05 on the 2nd 8:00 min run but overall feel really good about today.

iPhone apps I use everyday

I have long been a user of apple products. Our home has had a combination of windows and apple products for over 20 years. As a result my friends and family usually come to me when they have questions about apple products, in particular, questions about the iPhone. The most common question is a recommendation on cool apps to use with their new toy.

These are the apps I use everyday.

Spotify – My primary method of listening to music on my iPhone. I have the $9.99 per month plan which allows me to save playlists to my phone and listen offline. It works like Pandora if you listen to it in radio mode but the killer feature is the ability to search and listen to entire albums by your favorite artists. These albums can also be saved to your device for offline use (subscription users). Love. Love. Love this app.

C25k – Currently using it to get my butt of the couch and active.

Money Whiz – All my daily financials are done thru this app. They also have a Mac version for the home computer. Any changes are synced. I no longer use quicken. (I don’t have any crazy investments so this works for me).

ismoothrun – GPS app to track your physical activity. I use it for my runs. Very easy to use. I love the ability to send run information to most of the popular running and social sites. Tons of features I haven’t used yet like ghost running, targeted heart rate monitoring, cadences, intervals, integration with witherings, wahoo and tons of others. It can be used outside and inside. I’ve tried runkeeper, runmeter, and Nike+. In my book. No contest.

Tunein radio – this is TIVO for radio. I no longer worry about missing my favorite talk shows.

Photo sync – sends pics from phone to all the online sites but I love it because it allows me to send pics wirelessly to another iDevice or computer without having to enable photo stream.

Snapseed – Makes bad pics look great. Tons of presets. Very easy to use.

ESPN Sportscenter – Scores and news.

Quick Sleep 2 – I use this to play meditative sounds at night to help fall asleep. The sound of rain and distant thunder always works.

Pageonce – Scary to try but very useful. All bills and bank info updated real time in one place. Also includes utility bills like gas and water.

Onesafe – Nice password protection app. Store info on phone with secure password. If you’re really paranoid you can set up two different passwords for sensitive info like financial information or personal info.

Navigon – Long before the current apple mapgate I used navigon. I have a garmin navi but no longer carry it. This is my car GPS.

Tweetbot – My twitter app. @swshepdog (shameless plug).

Cleartune – Quick accurate tuner for musical instruments.

Onsong – I play guitar at my local church. This stores all of my songs. It allows me to change keys on the fly, auto scrolls and I can add set lists with ease. (Used more on my iPad).

Couch to 5k

Katherine Rose Memorial Park Mansfield,TX 09/22/12 07:14 PM

(7:00 min at 5 + 2:00 RI) x 3
00:37:03, 2.32 miles, 15:59 avg pace/mile, 14:53 net pace/mile, calories 404
97 °F, 7mph SSE, humidity 14%

Shut the front door!!! I hate hills. Today was better. Did the runs without stopping.

Struggling with week 5. My issue is leg and knee pain. I’m so impatient I have a tendency to cheat on my rest days. I tried to slow my pace and pay attention to my stride and use less motion. I did much better today.

According to ismoothrun the route has a ascent of 210ft and a descent of 205ft

Running Specialty Store

Wednesday I went to Fort Worth Running Company to purchase shoes. It’s the first time I’ve every purchased athletic or running shoes outside of one of the big box stores. FWRC asked me about my history, prior injuries and current mileage per week. They than placed me on a treadmill and observed me walk and than run. After the treadmill I than tried on about 5 pair of shoes before settling on a pair of New Balance’s.

I would have never considered New Balance in the past. I guess I was a slave to the Nike marketing machine. I know I’m preaching to the choir but if your new to running, find a local running store and get properly fitted. I can’t believe the difference it truly makes in comfort and enjoyment of running.


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